Audio Description (AD) makes films and TV series accessible to blind and visually impaired people by adding voice-overs that describe the images and actions. The AD can be heard through Earcatch, the free smartphone app that synchs AD through sound recognition.

We have created AD for numerous films. In a small crew involving different professionals of the industry and the target group, we developed a method that has proven very efficient and with great results. Please click on one of the audio files below to hear some example segments.

Paradise Drifters official.jpg
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director: Mees Peijnenburg

producer: Pupkin

A fragmented portrayal of Lorenzo, Yousef and Chloe, three homeless young adults heading to Southern Europe in search of money, love and happiness. They each have their own different backgrounds and motives but they share a common insecurity about being independent, without a base to fall back on.

Bumperkleef, Lodewijk Crijns, Topkapi Films, AD, Audiodescriptie, Sound Design, Studio Vermaas
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director: Lodewijk Crijns

producer: Topkapi Films

BUMPERKLEEF (TAILGATING) is about a self-confident man, on his way – together with his family – for a Sunday visit to his parents. He gets into a traffic fight with another driver Ed, who in revenge starts to follow the family and confronts Hans with his ego. As Hans starts to lose control of the situation and his family, Ed pushes him until nothing but the fearful, vulnerable child he once was remains.

Kapsalon Romy, Mischa Kamp, BosBros, Audiodescriptie, AD, Sound Design, Studio Vermaas
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director: Mischa Kamp

producer: BosBros

ROMY'S SALON is a touching story about a girl and her relationship with her grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

Romy’s mother is always at work. This is why Romy stays with her grandmother every day after school. Normally that might sound like fun, but because Grandma Stine is busy working in her hairdressing salon and is very strict, there is no time to have fun. Everything changes when Romy discovers a totally different side to her grannie’s character.

Hemelrijken, Stanley Kolk, Family Affair Films, AD, Audiodescriptie, Sound Design, Studio Vermaas
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director: Stanley Kolk

producer: Family Affair Films

HEMELRIJKEN is the name of the neighborhood in the city of Eindhoven, where Kelly returns after a jail sentence. Her past is chasing her and her sister Samantha tries to help her with all her might. But can family really help each other?

TreurTeeVee, Joost van Hezik, Pupkin, AD, Studio Vermaas
AD - TREURTEEVEE 2 - Julika Marijn
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director: Joost van Hezik

producer: Pupkin, VPRO

In the 4-episode black-comic series TreurTeeVee, the inhabitants of the city of Yolandia struggle with the major themes of life. The series is a mix of sketch and drama, absurdism and romance, bitter seriousness and nonsense.

Boy Meets Gun, Joost van Hezik, Pupkin, AD, audiodescriptie, Studio Vermaas
AD - BOY MEETS GUN - Julika Marijn
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director: Joost van Hezik

producer: Pupkin

When philosophy professor Maarten accidentely finds himself in possession of a gun, he decides to hold on to it. Until the gun takes possession of him. 

Hallali filmposter officieel.jpg
AD - HALLALI - Julika Marijn
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director: Eché Janga

producer: Pupkin

When Gerben Kooistra, a liberal from the north of Holland, is appointed as the new mayor of a small southern village he starts a battle against a big local criminal called ‘Grandpa’ Jantje. Gerben's mission is harder then he anticipated. Crime is everywhere in this seemingly innocent small town and his political mission slowly turns into a dangerous obsession. 

Magic-Mountains, Luciënne Venner, Family Affair Films, AD, Studio Vermaas
AD - MAGIC MOUNTAINS - Julika Marijn
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director: Urszula Antoniak

producer: Family Affair Films


Hannah travels through the Polish mountains with her ex-boyfriend Lex. During their journey the young woman finds out that Lex has prepared the perfect crime, with Hannah as his victim.

awarded films

Emmy Award, Audionabewerking, Geluidsnabewerking, Sound Design, Studio Vermaas
Gouden Kalf, Audionabewerking, Geluidsnabewerking, Sound Design, Studio Vermaas
EFTA Award
Woodstock Award
Zlin IFFF Award, Audionabewerking, Geluidsnabewerking, Sound Design, Studio Vermaas
Karlovy Vary IFF Award, Audionabewerking, Geluidsnabewerking, Sound Design, Studio Vermaas
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