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Sound Design and Mix for SANS SOLEIL

Fantasy feature film SANS SOLEIL (WITHOUT SUN) by Banu Akseki has had Sound Design at Studio Vermaas in Amsterdam and its Mix in Brussels. Belgian, French, Dutch produced SANS SOLEIL will be released in 2021.

13 Nov 2020
De Kuthoer South Korea breed.jpg
THE COLUMNIST (DE KUTHOER) goes around the world

Telefilm THE COLUMNIST (DE KUTHOER) by Ivo van Aart is doing well among horror fans around the world. The film was screened at festivals in Germany, Canada, UK, Rumania, Norway and the USA. At Fantasia Festival in Montreal it got the Audience Award. THE COLUMNIST has been sold to distributors for USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

12 Nov 2020
Hemelrijiken sisters breed.jpg
FAMILY MATTERS (HEMELRIJKEN) contender at UK Film Festival

UK Film Festival selected FAMILY MATTERS (HEMELRIJKEN) by Stanley Kolk. The film will be in competition for Best Feature. The festival is from November 22 till 29.

Pathe thuis.jpg

Cinemas are closed, but fortunately MARIONETTE the mind bending thriller by Elbert van Strien can be seen at As of today, the movie is Number 1 in the VOD Top 20

08 Nov 2020
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