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DOJO poster.jpg

Year: 2022

Director: Boris Paval Conen
Writers: Marielot van der Slikke, Ashar Medina, Evianne Lamme
Script: Ashar Medina, Evianne Lamme

Stars: Delano Watchman, Ky-mani Pinas,  Emmanuel Ohene Boafo, Rosalien Sara Schrickx,  Ramses van Hall,  Glen Faria,  Leona Philippo,  Tahiz Valerian
Producer: Phanta Basta

Coming-of-age drama in which Surinamese-Dutch Brandon (13) is joining a local criminal gang. Kai, a former judo champion and owner of the local dojo, tries to keep Brandon off the streets. But the teenager quickly climbs up the criminal hierarchy. Will Kai manage to keep Brandon’s fights on the judo mat?


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