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JACKY, Geluidsnabewerking, Studio Vermaas, Sound Design, Audionabewerking


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Year: 2000

Directors: Fow Pyng Hu, Brat Ljatifi

Writers: Fow Pyng Hu, Brat Ljatifi

Stars: Fow Pyng Hu, Eveline Wu, Gary Guo

Producer: Motel Films

Jacky was the first Chinese feature film made in the Netherlands. As a young man, Jacky leads a solitary life with his mother. Due to the ambivalent environment in which Jacky grew up, he has difficulties developing a clear vision of life. Too smart to deny this problem, yet too weak to master it.

●Winner Variety Critic's Choice, Karlovy Vary IFF 2000
●Winner Best Film by The Dutch Press 2000

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