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Year: 2020

Director: Katarina Launing

Writers: Harald Rosenløw Eeg & Lars Gudmestad

Stars: Isha Zainab Khan, Iver Aunbu Sandemose, Anders Baasmo, Kyrre Haugen Sydness, Solveig Kloppen

Producer: Storm Films AS, Volya Films

In the small town of Kjedly, Norway everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Except for 11-year-old Sara who moves around like an invisible ninja. "Never to be seen, never to be taken and never to get to know anyone," she tells herself as she hides from the police and breaks into vacant houses to find food and warmth. Everything is turned upside down when a flaming dragon crash lands in the house where she is going to celebrate Christmas.

She is forced to ask for help from neighbor Mortimer who dreams of becoming a Youtube star. Together they decide to help the dragon to its home before anyone finds out. But hiding from the police with a fire-breathing dragon friend is not easy.