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GELUKZOEKERS (FORTUNE-SEEKERS) , Sound Design, Studio Vermaas, Sound Design, Audionabewerking


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Year: 2018
Director: Hanro Smitsman 
Writers: Alma Popeyus & Hein Schütz
Stars: Jouman Fattal, David Elsendoorn, Marius Mensink, Peter Boven, Joost Koning, Sabri Saad El Hamus, Anniek Pheifer, Marcel Hensema, Albert Secuur, Nanette Eden
Producer: Corrino

When Harko sees the last girls leave the earthquake-infested village in the province of Groningen, a bus of asylum seekers comes into the village. Among these 'fortune-seekers’ is Faiza, who fights for a residence status.

A pretty girl, an attractive boy; with both an uncertain path to the future. While Groningen is going down and Faudi may get deported, finding happiness seems to be out of the question. What is the point of falling in love here?

●Winner Moviezone Award, Nederlands Film Festival 2018

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