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Telefilm 2020
Director: Stanley Kolk
Writer: Chris Westendorp
Stars: Jennifer Welts, Esmee van Kampen, Maarten Heijmans, Fred Goessens, Tim Olivier Somer
Producer: Family Affair Films
HEMELRIJKEN (FAMILY MATTERS) tells the story of sisters Kelly and Samantha. When Kelly is released from prison and returns to her neighbourhood HEMELRIJKEN in the city of Eindhoven, she wants to start over again. Samantha arranges a job for Kelly and tries to keep her on the right path. When Michel, a shady character from Kelly's past, shows up and demands money from her, Kelly sees no other option than to go back to organized crime. She is actually doing well, but it all turns bad when she visits Michel one evening. When Samantha finds out that Kelly is in trouble, she goes to great lengths to protect her sister, even if that means that she herself becomes a victim of the situation.
Winner Best Feature at UK Film Festival, 2020
● Winner Best Feature at the Santorini Film Festival, Greece 2020
● Winner Best Cinematography Award at the 7th Noida Filmfestival in India 2020
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