IN BLUE,  Studio Vermaas, Sound Design


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Year: 2017

Director: Jaap van Heusden

Writers: Jaap van Heusden, Jan Willem den Blok

Stars: Maria Kraakman, Bogdan Iancu

Producer: IJswater Films

Dutch flight attendant LIN has to help deliver a baby on a flight to Bucharest. In the emotional aftermath her cab driver collides with fifteen year old NICU, who lives in the tunnels underneath the city. They get tangled up in a confusing relationship.

●Winner Golden Calf Best Director, Nederlands Film Festival 2018

●Winner Golden Calf Best Script, Nederlands Film Festival 2018

●Winner Golden Calf Best Actress, Nederlands Film Festival 2018

●Winner  Best Narrative Feature Film Award,

  Footcandle Film Festival, Hickory North-Carolina 2018

● Nomination Best Sound Design, Nederlands Film Festival (NFF) 2018 

● Winner Narrative Feature Award for Best Film  

   at the Austin Film Festival 2017

Laureaat Nominatie Best Sound Design 201