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Year: 2021
Director: Elisabeth Hesemans
Writers: Floor Paul, Lilian Sijbesma
Stars: Enhui Zhang, Kadir Akseki, Lizzy Stutterheim, Boris Vis, Miki Dek, Melai Verheul, Pip Fleskens, Jayrell van Samson, Sanjay Leijen, Indy-Rose Kroonen, Idriss Nabil, Susan Radder, Willem Nijholt

Producer: IJswater Films

In the series KABAM! recognizable childhood fears are central. The series shows that everyone is sometimes scared and shows in a playful way that there is often a solution at hand. With a little imagination, that's just how you do it! In each of the ten short stories, we are introduced to one of the children in the class. Totally different, stubborn, funny and energetic characters, who know how to come up with a solution to their problem with a lot of humor and fantasy.

●Winner Best Dutch Fiction Series , Cinekid Festival Amsterdam 2021