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Year: 2020
Director:  Michiel van Jaarsveld, Margien Rogaar
Writer: Joan Nederlof
Cast: Lineke Rijxman, Joan Nederlof, Jack Wouterse, Tim Linde, Rosa van Leeuwen, Nazmiye Oral, Jouman Fattal, Markoesa Hamer, Martijn Nieuwerf, Sieger Sloot, Nastaran Razawi Khorsani, Willem de Wolf
Producer: NL Film

KOPPENSNELLERS (HEADHUNTERS) is an 8 episode series where ruthless businesswoman Dana Woerdenbach returns to the Netherlands to reconcile with her resentful son. In the meantime, she becomes the chief editor of a dull but quality Dutch newspaper. Dana boosts the profit of the newspaper by sacrificing some journalistic values. While the entire editorial team turns against her, Dana tries to win back the love of her son Lucas.

Lucas leads a quiet life with his wife and daughter and works as a press officer for his uncle Fons, mayor of the municipality of Regtvoorde. Together they are committed to building a new mosque; a long-standing wish of the Muslim community in the village. The last thing Lucas needs is his meddling mother, against whom he holds a huge grudge. But her manipulations derail his life so much that it results in clashes, terror and even murder.

But while Dana is lying and cheating to keep in control, she unexpectedly gets confronted with her most formidable opponent: her conscience.

KOPPENSNELLER (HEADHUNTERS) is a drama series with a large dose of humor and is produced in collaboration with Dutch theater company “Mugmetdegoudentand”.

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