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Series Videoland
Year: 2024

Director: Saskia Diesing, Joosje Duk, Iván López Núñez
Writers: Marcia Luyten (novel
), Adaptation: Marnie Blok, Ilse Ott
Stars: Delfina Chaves, Martijn Lakemeier, Sebastian Koch, Carla Reifs

Producer: Millstreet Films

The series tells the life story of the Argentinian-born Dutch Queen Máxima. When the press catches wind of her relationship with the crown prince, heated discussions erupt about her father's political career in the Videla regime. Can Máxima stay true to herself without giving up her family?

Trailer with English subs

Trailer with Dutch subs

Teaser episode 4 with Dutch subs

Teaser episode 5 with Dutch subs

Teaser episode 6 with Dutch subs

Clip from episode 1 with Dutch subs

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