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Mees Kees In De Wolken, Studio Vermaas, Sound Design


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Year: 2019

Director: Martijn Smits 
Writers: Tijs van Marle (script), Miriam Oldenhaven (author)
Stars: Leendert de Ridder, Sanne Wallis de Vries, Imme Gerritsen, Mila van Groeningen, Ellie de Lange, Raymonde de Kuyper 

Producer: PV Pictures


A big school party is coming up and Tobias is too shy to ask Hasna for a date. Mees Kees has no time to help him, because he is too busy trying to avoid Marie Louise who has given him a very scary birthday present: a balloon ride!  While Mrs. Dreus teaches her 6B class the waltz to perform at the party, Tobias is feeling increasingly desperate. Can Mees Kees overcome his fear of heights in time to save Tobias before the school party?

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