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Morten DVD
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MORTEN, Studio Vermaas, Sound Design


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Year: 2019
Director: Jean van de Velde Writer: Dominique van der Heyde, Annet de Jong (novel) Jean van de Velde, Barbara Jurgens (adaptation) Stars: Peter Paul Muller, Claire Bender, Joke Devynck
Producer: PV Pictures

Morten (Peter Paul Muller) is an ambitious and talented man on his way to a bright future as prime minister. His party, The New Liberals, is doing surprisingly well in the polls and the media and his colleagues follow him closely with a frown and a smile. But something dark from his past threatens to damage his reputation. With the brilliant spindoctor Evelien Bax (Joke Devynck) at his side, Morten does everything possible to avert the disaster. His family life and the country's interests are at stake. Morten must show his true face.
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