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Year: 2024
Disney+ series, 8 episodes
Directors: Willem Bosch, Pieter Kuijpers
Writers: Simon de Waal (novel
), Amira Duynhouwer, Saar Ponsioen, Ashar Medina
Stars: Lies Visschedijk, Romana Vrede, Peter Blok, Jade Olieberg, Bram Suijker, Chris Peters, Florian Regtien

Producer: Pupkin Film, Disney+

Nemesis is a police thriller about Public Prosecutor Sylvia van Maele who, after a brutal murder of a key witness, decides to take matters into her own hands. With a relentless team of detectives she opens the hunt for a group of international white collar criminals who until then have remained out of reach of the law. A psychological thriller about a woman in a world of powerfull men who have been supporting each other for too long now.
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