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GEWOON VRIENDEN (JUST FRIENDS), Sound Design, Studio Vermaas, Sound Design, Audionabewerking
Gewoon vrienden, poster France.jpg
Gewoon vrienden, just-friends-Germany.jpg
Year: 2018
Director: Ellen Smit
Writer: Henk Burger
Stars: Majd Mardo, Josha Stradowski, Jenny Arean, Tanja Jess

Producer: Nuts & Bolts Films

In GEWOON VRIENDEN (JUST FRIENDS) we meet Joris who just can’t part from his parental home while Nad returns back to his mom with the tail between his legs. These young men in their twenties from Almere seem to be made for each other. But before they can surrender to love, they first need to straighten things out with their mothers. 

●Winner Audience Award, Festival Mix Milano 2018


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