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Saïd & Anna poster.jpg


TV Series 16 x 6.5 minutes
Year: 2023

Director: Hilt Lochten
Writer: Jeanine Cronie, Fiona van Heemstra
Cast: Adam El Bachiri, Evy Hanse, Jouman Fattal, George Tobal, Beppie Melissen, Nel Lekatompessy, Aaron Wan, Ziggy Peters, Roosmarijn van der Hoek, Tess Sleutelberg, Michiel Berkel

Producer: Phanta Basta!, Indi Film

​​In the TV series Saïd (6) and Anna (7) are best friends. Every day after school, they hang out around The Repair Shop of Saïd’s parents. While broken things are given a new life by using the right tools, the children figure out how to fix their own ‘problems’, in their own, creative way.

Trailer English subs  and v.o.

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