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SAM'S KERST (SAM'S CHRISTMAS), Geluidsnabewerking, Studio Vermaas, Sound Design, Audionabewerking


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Year: 2015
Director: Michiel van Jaarsveld
Writer: Shirley Gast
Stars: Rover van Gennep, Anniek Pheifer, Tibor Lúkacs, Peter Tuinman
Producer: Endemol
In 10 episodes we sympathize with Sam who moves from the city to a small village. He gets to know the different inhabitants and special customs in his new residence of Gloed, where everything seems different from what he knows. So Sam joins the local advent ride, he experiences a special Christmas dinner, he plays a Gloedse prank and he - reluctantly - has a part in the traditional Christmas play.
With a disarming perseverance and with a little help of his grandfather Jacob, Sam tries to make new friends. Will he be able to conquer the hearts of the people of Gloed?
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