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Year: 2021
Director: Willem Bosch
Writers: Willem Bosch & Pieter Kuijpers
Stars: Hadewych Minis, Aoibhínn McGinnity, Ian Beattie, Jacob Derwig, Michel Sluysmans, Kerr Logan, Peter Blok, Declan Conlon

Producer: Pupkin, VPRO

Miniseries THE SPECTACULAR is about a succession of IRA attacks that took place in the late 1980s. They were targeting English soldiers who were stationed in Germany and who spent their spare time in the most southern province of the Netherlands, Limburg. During the search for the IRA fighters, suspicions arise of sabotage by the powers that be, right when a devastating attack is imminent. Team leader Jeanine Maes opens the hunt for the ruthless Fiona Hughes the only female member of the IRA cell.

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