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Year: 2023


Director: Willy Lindwer

Writer: Willy Lindwer, Guus Luijters

Stars: Willy Lindwer, Guus Luijters

Producer: No Fear Productions, Staccato Films

Never before has the staggering role of the Amsterdam tram that collaborated with the Nazi occupiers in deporting tens of thousands of Jews, including Anne Frank and her family, been told. Willy Lindwer and Guus Luijters travelled around the city on the original tram that deported the Jews in search of the unknown story. They spoke to the last survivors who were deported by tram from the many 'guilty places'. VERDWENEN STAD offers a new and revealing look at the murder of Amsterdam's Jews. The documentary will be released in the Netherlands on 14 March 2024, accompanied by a book by Willy Lindwer and Guus Luijters.

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