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DE MAN UIT ROME, THE MAN FROM ROME, IJswater Films,  Jaap van Heusden, Sound Design, Mix, Studio Vermaas


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Year: 2023
Director: Jaap van Heusden
Writer: Rogier de Blok, Jaap van Heusden
Stars: Michele Riondino, Emma Bading, Marie-Louise Stheins, Raymond Thiry
Producer: IJswater Films

The skeptical Catholic priest Filippo is sent by the Vatican to investigate a crying statue of the Virgin Mary in a small border town in the south of the Netherlands. Determined to thoroughly investigate the statue, he finds himself facing a deeply traumatized village community, that is clamping on to its incredible miracle. Attracted and unsettled by Térèse, the silent young woman who discovered the crying statue, Filippo gets caught up in the village’s sorrow while a number of apparently miraculous incidents make him doubt his certainties as a priest and as a human being.

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